About Corinne

Different Types of Beaded Works of Art

As I have explored, played, created and researched the talent of bead placement, I have found that working with beads allows for endless hours of beauty and creativity.

I have touched the Surface of Possibilities

Working with beads came to me later in life. I have always felt artistic but had difficulty finding a creative path that would take me into the future.  Beads found me in 2001, with one visit to a local bead store. I find something very appealing when I touch the beads and feel the shapes, sizes and textures of different beads. Working with beads over the years has given me confidence to apply beads in unique and interesting ways creating art without any boundaries.

Unique One of a Kind Art

Some of the pieces I have created are initiated with an idea only.  No sketching, doodling etc.  I hold that idea until I sit and start working on the piece.  Color, type of beads, construction, all thoughts that I work with putting a unique and pleasantly surprising piece of art together.  My direction may change as I am implementing the piece, but rarely goes far from the initial thought.

The intent for my art is to be unique, one of a kind, interesting, mind provoking and fun. The beads I use and the way I use them, have been a surprise for many, including myself at times.